Weekly Meeting 18 May 2020

We met by Zoom again this week. Jay Clowes advised members that there will be learning and development webinars conducted via Zoom this Sunday, 24th May. Various subjects will be covered and if you are part of the incoming board or a committee head, Jay recommends that you check them out if possible. Registrations are …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 11 May 2020

This week President Paul advised that he’d received a letter from Waratah Respite Services about issues they’re continually having with antisocial and illegal behavior due to their close proximity to the Community Village. They stipulate the problem isn’t caused by the homeless people utilising Pete’s Place but by a small percentage of people coming into …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 20 April 2020

This week we had a good roll-up with 14 members zooming in (Ross Paul stepped out for a moment and missed being in the photo). Additionally Assistant DG Peter Paff joined us. Thanks Peter. President Paul advised that he’d had discussions with Mike Blewitt and Eddie Chau and it was suggested that we cancel this …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 6 April 2020

This week our Zoom meeting commenced at 12.30pm and was chaired by President Paul. We had a roll-up of 11 members. President Paul advised he’s been in contact with Alan Tankel, Head of the Emergency Unit at Coffs Harbour Hospital. Alan was very appreciative of our concerns and assistance offer and referred Paul to their …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 16 March 2020

This week we discussed the recent developments around Covid-19 and resolved to continue meeting as a club. Everyone is of course encouraged to take appropriate measures to protect themselves and others from the virus. President Paul advised that the National Youth Science Forum is calling for nominations for the 2021 event. If you know of …Read More >