Weekly Meeting 27 June 2016

Our final meeting for the financial/presidential year, and it brought with it some very satisfying news. Club treasurer John Walker had combed the back archives and calculated how much money the club has donated to charity of the years. The total? A staggering $769,000.00. We were lucky enough again this week to have Rotary Youth …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 20 June 2016

We were fortunate to have Celia Chapman of Attune Hearing with us this week. Celia gave us a presentation on hearing, which segued into a fascinating discussion of the anatomical makeup of the ear and the ‘balance organ’ located in it. Celia kindly managed to make it through the entire topic without making a ‘husband …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 6 June 2016

We didn’t have a guest speaker this week, but we did have an enjoyable presentation from President Scott about his recent holiday to Japan. We also had a visit from two Townsville Rotarians and their son, proving once again that Rotary is a wide-spread organisation. For all that and more, check out this week’s Chatroom.

Weekly Meeting 30 May 2016

A shortage of members this week led to a somewhat muted meeting this week, but as always a lunch with Rotary friends is better than no lunch at all. To read all about the latest happenings at Coffs City Rotary, be sure to check out this week’s Chatroom.

Weekly Meeting 23 May 2016

This week we came together to celebrate another successful wine event. The 17th Wine, Beer and Food Enjoyment Day attracted over 330 visitors on 21 May 2016, with everyone (including our stallholders) reporting they had a great time. It’s always great to wrap up another event, and Monday’s meeting was no exception. We also had …Read More >