Weekly Meeting 6 September 2021

This week we received good news (that both of our NYSF candidates had been accepted into the program) and discussed how to manage subscriptions during lockdown.

Weekly Meeting 30 August 2021

This week we discussed the upcoming Rotary district merger and the National Cartoon Gallery.

7 Questions with Terry Maguire

Terry, tell us a little about yourself I was born & bred in Grafton and attended Catholic schools/colleges there until year 12. I loved water sports and the Grafton Olympic Pool was a favourite haunt. I’d hate to think how many times I climbed the diving tower! I also loved the beach and developed a …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 23 August 2021

This week we met via Zoom and discussed the donation we plan to make in memory of member Mark Adoms. We also discussed how to incorporate more Rotary into our Rotary meetings.

Weeking Meeting 2 August 2021

This week we awarded an overdue gift and discussed the prospect of having a meeting at a brewery.