C.ex McDonalds Cycle Challenge

The C.Ex McDonalds Cycle Challenge is the premier cycling event on the Coffs Coast, attracting hundreds of riders of all ages, skill and fitness levels. The Challenge is the brainchild of Coffs City Rotarians, and has been running annually since the inaugural event in 2009. Staging the event requires a crew of almost 100 volunteers, sourced from our members and other community organisations.

Event 2010 4The 2018 Challenge will take place in October, and takes in the gorgeous scenery of the Coffs Coast. With events ranging from a family 10km ride to a leg-busting 100km solo ride, the Challenge has something for everyone.

All profits from the C.ex McDonalds Cycle Challenge are donated to charity.

For more information on the Challenge, or to register for this year’s event, visit the Challenge’s website.