Weekly Meeting 2 February 2017

After a long Christmas/New Year break, we were back in action this week. Paul McKeon advised members of the upcoming exhibition at the Bunker Cartoon Gallery featuring the first Australian superhero, The Phantom. Paul is looking for a carpenter/handyman to help with the construction of part of this exhibition. If you know of anyone who may …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 5 December 2016

This week, Coffs City Rotary ‘Mo Bro’ Bob Carle advised that members’ contributions to date for ‘Movember’ totalled in excess of $1,780.00. We’re sure everyone would agree that’s fair compensation for carrying a caterpillar around on your top lip for a month. Peter Lindsay advised that, following the presentation by Dr Alan Tankel at our …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 28 November 2016

We had a happy occasion this week: President Terry inducted our newest member Stan Paull. Stan is a transferring Rotarian from the Chelsea, Victoria club. Welcome Stan! President Terry then called on Bob Carle to formally introduce our guest speaker, Dr Alan Tankel. Alan is the director of emergency medicine at the Coffs Harbour Hospital. …Read More >

Weekly meeting 21 November 2016

We had no formal guest speaker today and the meeting was devoted to some reports, planning for the Christmas party and fellowship. President Terry introduced our guest, Stan Paull, hopefully for the last time before Stan is inducted as a club member. Peter Wardman advised that the World Rally Championships held at the weekend was …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 14 November 2016

No formal guest speaker today and the meeting was devoted to some reports and fellowship. We did have a few guests though: Stan Paull, Frank Faulkner from the Rotary Club of Furness UK and his son, Roy Faulkner from Melbourne. Peter Wardman informed members of the passing of James Bloomfield. James was the son of the …Read More >