Weekly Meeting 27 July 2015

A special welcome this week to Judy Smith and Phil Price, the organisers of the upcoming NAB Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge. The event is upon us again, so Judy and Phil visited to assign us all roles for the day. Organising a ride for 800+ people is not an easy task. In fact, it requires …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 20 July 2015

Our guest speaker was sick this week and unable to attend, so we devoted lunchtime this week to fellowship. Discussion ensued about the cricket and the State of Origin (the less said about that the better). Our new member Bernard Spry was invited to give us a “3-minuter” about himself. Bernard is a Business Banking …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 13 July 2015

We were fortunate this week to have as our guests past-member Tom Murray-Prior, Past District Governor (fellow Rotarian) Rob Anderson and prospective member Craig McMahon. Club service committee head Jay Clowes us that the website hosting issues had been solved (as evidence by the fact you’re reading this!) and service would soon return to normal. Brian Leiper …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 25 May 2015

Another change of venue for us this week, with our usual room at C.ex being unavailable. We instead headed to the Coffs Hotel and met in Miss Cha Cha’s Mexican restaurant there. As you can see from the photos, it was a welcome change of scenery and certainly added some spice to the meeting. George …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 4 May 205

We had a bumper meeting this week, with visits from Geoff King, Jackson Spry and two potential new members. Geoff is the well-known owner of Geoff King Motors and Coffs Coast Motors but he visited us on behalf of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, an organisation with which he is closely involved. Geoff accepted a donation …Read More >