Weekly Meeting 16 March 2020

This week we discussed the recent developments around Covid-19 and resolved to continue meeting as a club. Everyone is of course encouraged to take appropriate measures to protect themselves and others from the virus. President Paul advised that the National Youth Science Forum is calling for nominations for the 2021 event. If you know of …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 2 March 2020

This week our guests were Assistant District Governor Peter Paff along with Rotary Exchange Students Adam Leskovjansky and Julia Maria. Juila is from Brazil and is being hosted by Coffs Harbour Rotary Club. Julia introduced herself to the members by giving a brief talk about herself, her country and her interests. Adam gave an update …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 24 February 2020

This week our guests were General Ajai Barnabas Massey, his wife Cheryl, and Reverend Graham Whelan. Peter Wardman advised the club that some members attended two recent information and feedback sessions concerning (1) a local Performing Arts Space and (2) City Hill Development. A feedback line is still open on the Council’s website for City Hill Development (closes …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 17 February 2020

This week President Paul raised the matter of the club making a financial contribution towards those affected by bushfires. Treasurer John advised that the board created an emergency funds account last year to which $5k was deposited and felt it would be appropriate to donate to bushfire victims. Members present discussed the matter and the consensus was to assist locally as …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 10 February 2020

This week President Paul advised that our Rotary Youth Exchange Student Adam is completing a woodwork project for school and is seeking to build something worthwhile for our club. Mike Blewitt advised that the ladies from Waratah Respite Centre were looking for an outdoor timber furniture item (table or chair). After discussion it was put to the members …Read More >