Weekly Meeting 3 June 2019

This week President Ross provided an update on the cycle challenge and advised members that the board and cycle committee, in consultation with C.Ex, have decided to cancel this year’s event. However are very hopeful it will resume in 2020. Graham Lockett provided an update on the Bunker development and advised it is progressing well. Jay …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 13 May 2019

This week, President Ross thanked those members who attended the council meeting on the 9 May, at which the city considered granting the National Cartoon Gallery a 20 year lease on the Bunker building. The upshot was that the councillors approved the lease on the basis that the Gallery be predominately used for displaying the …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 6 May 2019

This week, President-Elect Paul thanked all members for their contribution and efforts with the Wine, Beer & Food event last Saturday. In George’s absence, President Ross paid particular thanks to Melissa, Dom Hawke and Mike for their considerable efforts. Melissa advised that approximately 170 people attended the event and,  whilst numbers were down compared to previous years, the …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 4 March 2019

This week George Cecato advised he had a meeting with Brad Daymond about using Pacific Bay Resort again for this year’s Wine, Beer & Food Day. It was a positive meeting and the most likely date is 20th May, although George advised he will be away at this time and it would be necessary to …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 25 February 2019

This week we welcomed special guests honorary member Andrew Fraser MP, Nationals candidate Gurmesh Singh, and Paul Toole MP, the Minister for Lands, Forestry and Racing. Ross also welcomed our other guests Madeline Wardman, Kris Maguire and John Chittick. President Elect Paul McLeod reported on the recent President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) at Tamworth. There are not …Read More >