Weekly Meeting 18 June 2018

This week’s meeting was chaired by Brian Leiper. Mike Blewitt reminded all members that we have less than two weeks until the Bonville Internation Golf Day to shore up numbers for the event and to mention it to everyone we can. Currently there are 68 player nominations and Mike is confident we’ll exceed 100, however it needs …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 4 June 2018

This week’s meeting was chaired by Jay Clowes.  Secretary Geoff reminded members of our Changeover date 7th July and provided a list to indicate attendance and numbers. Geoff also outlined our efforts in the recent Red Shield appeal and Mike voiced amazement at the level of financial support this appeal gets from the community. The Soup Kitchen dinner …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 21 May 2018

This week’s meeting was chaired by Mike Blewitt and we were joined by Mel Crossland, Meg Austin & Zoe Woods from the Coffs Harbour Show Society, NYSF applicant Oscar Churchwell and Rotary Exchange Students Bianca Lima & Aneta Bobovska. Mike thanked all members, particularly George Cecato, for a highly successful Wine, Beer & Food Event on …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 14 May 2018

This week’s meeting was chaired by Bob Carle. Bob gave an update on his and Stan Paull’s Movember 2017 campaign,  advising that the government had upheld its support pledge, donating  $37.5m to men’s health projects. George Cecato, Peter Wardman and Paul McKeon reported on their attendance at recent Jetty Foreshore workshop sessions. Peter Wardman suggested …Read More >

Weekly Meeting 7 May 2018

This week’s meeting was chaired by Bernard Dowling. Ian McAllister advised that Bob Prater will be attending an upcoming lunch meeting to outline this year’s Careers Day event, to be held on May 31st. Peter Lindsay advised he has had recent correspondence from Alan Tankel in relation to our donation of goods to Tonga so he assumes …Read More >