Weekly Meeting 10 August 2015

We were all welcomed at the door this week by Peter Lindsay, head of the International Service team, selling stickers in support of Rotary Australia World Community Service (“RAWCS”). The stickers are somewhat of an annual tradition in Rotary, and Peter made sure not to miss anyone. Next time you see a Rotarian wearing their name badge, look for the little coloured circles.

Our first guest speaker this week was Remy Bordignon, the club’s National Youth Science Forum candidate. Remy was happy to report (and we were thrilled to here) that Remy had made it through the district interview process and had been accepted for the Forum itself, which takes place in January 2016. Remy shared with us some examples of scientific phenomenon; the amplification of a tuning fork and this astounding footage of how resonance can affect bridges:

After Remy made sure we were all awake, Event Director Judy Smith gave us a preliminary report on this year’s NAB Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge. It’s too soon to be publishing results and figures, but everything is looking good and the initial feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Our meeting next week is at the Bunker Cartoon Gallery, and will include the presentation of donations to volunteer organisations that helped us stage the Cycle Challenge. It’s always a blast to visit the bunker, so please let us know if you’d like to attend.

Don’t forget to check out the Chatroom:

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