Weekly Meeting 10 February 2020

This week President Paul advised that our Rotary Youth Exchange Student Adam is completing a woodwork project for school and is seeking to build something worthwhile for our club. Mike Blewitt advised that the ladies from Waratah Respite Centre were looking for an outdoor timber furniture item (table or chair). After discussion it was put to the members and a furniture item for Waratah won the vote. Macca has a contact who could possibly assist with the wood and give assistance as required.

Melissa Bell advised that this year’s Wine, Beer & Food Event at Pacific Bay Resort has been set for 16 May. Management has requested we revert to the inside auditoriums for the event so as to leave the outdoor decks for resort patrons & visitors.

Bob Carle advised that the Rotary plaque at the southern end of Park Beach is in need of repair and suggested we attend to it at next opportunity. Bob and President Paul will investigate it further and report what’s required at next meeting.

For all that and more, be sure to check out this week’s edition of the Coffs City Chatroom.