Weekly Meeting 13 July 2015

We were fortunate this week to have as our guests past-member Tom Murray-Prior, Past District Governor (fellow Rotarian) Rob Anderson and prospective member Craig McMahon.

Club service committee head Jay Clowes us that the website hosting issues had been solved (as evidence by the fact you’re reading this!) and service would soon return to normal.

Brian Leiper reminded everyone that the Rotary Cartoon Awards are on Saturday 18 July 2015 at the Bunker Cartoon Gallery. Tickets can be purchased at the Bunker or from Sticky Tickets. The Cartoon Awards are always a great night, with the added benefit of some great cartoons being on display. Be sure to purchase your tickets ASAP.

To round out the meeting, we also heard from our newest member Phil Webb.

Phil is married with 4 adult children. He spent 15 years in the finance and accounting professions before changing tack and purchasing an indoor cricket centre in Grafton. He ran that business for 5 years before moving on to work in sale in the motor dealers and insurance industries. Now Phil owns a mortgage broking and financial planning business in Coffs Harbour.

Phil just welcomed his 6th grandchild and (in his own words) decided to “put something back in” to the community by joining Rotary. Please join us in welcoming Phil to the club!

For all that and more, be sure to check out this week’s edition of the Chatroom:

ROTARY Chatroom 13 July 2015