Weekly Meeting 14 November 2016

No formal guest speaker today and the meeting was devoted to some reports and fellowship.

We did have a few guests though: Stan Paull, Frank Faulkner from the Rotary Club of Furness UK and his son, Roy Faulkner from Melbourne.

Peter Wardman informed members of the passing of James Bloomfield. James was the son of the late Dr Jim Bloomfield, a Past President of our club. James died from a brain tumor at the age of 47. He was the club’s first outbound exchange student returning from Japan in 1989.

Mike Blewitt advised that he and Eddie Chau would be visiting Bonville International Golf resort that day to finalise the Charity Golf Day. They will present a Certificate of Appreciation and some flowers to Therese Mackey who was the main contact at Bonville International Golf resort and did most of the work to make the day successful. The final financial result should be around $13,500.  Mike thanked those members who helped out on the day, especially our newest almost-member, Stan Paull, and those of us who played

For all that and more, check out this week’s Coffs City Chatroom.