Weekly Meeting 17 February 2020

This week President Paul raised the matter of the club making a financial contribution towards those affected by bushfires. Treasurer John advised that the board created an emergency funds account last year to which $5k was deposited and felt it would be appropriate to donate to bushfire victims. Members present discussed the matter and the consensus was to assist locally as much as possible with $2,500 to be donated to Prosper Coffs Harbour Environment Trust, whereby the funds will be put to assisting local wildlife. The remaining $2,500 will be
donated to Blaze Aid, to assist farmers with fencing repairs. A cheque will be made to see if the funds can be given to local farmers.

President Paul also gave an update on exchange student Adam’s woodworking project. Paul & Adam will be meeting with the ladies from Waratah Respite Centre shortly to decide on the type of furniture he is to build.

Paul McKeon advised that works are expected to commence this week on the National Cartoon Gallery improvements. Also, he advised that the council meeting agenda set down for 27 February includes a request by the Gallery’s board for Council to consider concessional infrastructure charges associated with the building improvements. Also they are seeking an extension of the current financial subsidy from Council for a further 12 months. Paul is seeking a good showing of Rotary members to support the board’s request. Please make it along to the meeting if you can.

Melissa Bell gave an update on Prosper Coffs Harbour Cultural Youth Scholarship and advised members to check out their website for further details on this and other relevant local matters. The
website address is

After lunch Bob Carle gave members a talk on the Coffs Coast National Speed Week that he and other rotarians are in the process of arranging. Bob decided that the area needs something to take the place of the WRC Rally that was lost last year, as it brought some $14m to the local area. The event will be in November and cover two weekends and the week in between. It will take in areas north to Grafton and south to Kempsey and will include many auto events such as hillclimbs, bike enduro events, dirt bike racing, local 4×4 club events, model cars, vintage and various car displays, and will be the official starting point of the Asia Pacific Rally. The event has attracted widespread interest, including a couple of major sponsors. It is taking up a lot of Bob’s time and he would like our club to be heavily involved if possible. If you have any questions, please contact Bob.

For all that and more, be sure to check out this week’s edition of the Coffs City Chatroom.