Weekly Meeting 18 May 2020

We met by Zoom again this week.

Jay Clowes advised members that there will be learning and development webinars conducted via Zoom this Sunday, 24th May. Various subjects will be covered and if you are part of the incoming board or a committee head, Jay recommends that you check them out if possible. Registrations are necessary so if you are interested in joining one or more of the sessions, please advise Jay by no later than midday Friday 22nd May.

President Paul advised that he’s been trying to contact Boambee Bay Reserve in effort to book some space for our Changeover. If he continues to have no luck he will take a drive out and check it out further.

Paul McKeon advises the Bunker construction project is well under way and is a busy place. The Gallery is fenced off but you can still drive around the loop road to get a good view of progress to date.

For all that and more be sure to check out this week’s edition of the Coffs City Chatroom.