Weekly Meeting 2 March 2020

This week our guests were Assistant District Governor Peter Paff along with Rotary Exchange Students Adam Leskovjansky and Julia Maria. Juila is from Brazil and is being hosted by Coffs Harbour Rotary Club.

Julia introduced herself to the members by giving a brief talk about herself, her country and her interests. Adam gave an update on his woodworking project and advised he has been in discussions with the ladies from Waratah Respite Centre who decided a bench for their garden area would be a great asset.

Peter Paff gave a brief update on the Tamworth President-Elect Training Seminar, which was held last weekend, with the
Port Macquarie session to be held next weekend. Peter also advised that The Soup Kitchen is again having an open day with a dinner for those interested in attending. It is to be held on Monday 6th April.

Terry Maguire gave a brief overview of what occurred at last Thursday’s Council Meeting, where Paul McKeon, on behalf of The National Cartoon Gallery, sought financial assistance with water infrastructure charges associated with the new development and an extension of Council’s financial subsidy for a
further year. Paul’s efforts were rewarded with both requests being approved, after a unanimous vote in favour by all councilors.

Peter Wardman reminded members to participate in City Hill Development discussions. The Council feedback line is still open (it closes on 3 March).

For all that and more, be sure to check out this week’s edition of the Coffs City Chatroom.