Weekly Meeting 20 April 2020

This week we had a good roll-up with 14 members zooming in (Ross Paul stepped out for a moment and missed being in the photo). Additionally Assistant DG Peter Paff joined us. Thanks Peter.

President Paul advised that he’d had discussions with Mike Blewitt and Eddie Chau and it was suggested that we cancel this year’s Bonville International Golf Resort Day event due to Covid-19. Along with the uncertainty of being able to play on the due date, it’s not considered prudent to seek sponsors at this time when most are doing it tough financially. President Paul sought opinion/confirmation from members present and it was generally agreed that it would be best to cancel this year’s event.     

Ian McAllister advised he’d been contacted by Anna Scott from Pete’s Place (the homeless drop-in place) asking if we could assist them by providing small portable gas cookers. President Paul suggested that we allocate $150 towards purchasing the cookers and associated gas canisters. Members agreed with the donation and Macca will contact Anna to advise the outcome.

For all that and more, be sure to check out this week’s edition of the Coffs City Chatroom.