Weekly Meeting 24 April 2018

Attendance numbers at weekly meetings has been low in recent weeks and is a concern to those members who attend regularly, particularly when we have special guests. All members are asked to make effort to attend and if you  are unable to attend, please advise your apology in the normal manner by phoning FWO Lawyers or advise another member.

The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal is coming up quickly on the 26 and 27 May 2018. The members present at the Bunker Meeting a few weeks ago voted overwhelmingly to support this event, but the available spots on the roster are not yet full. Please enter your availability so everyone knows.

Bob Carle advised that exchange student Bianca had a great weekend on the Gold Coast recently with her Rotary Daybreak host family. Bob also advised that NYSF applicants, Angus Croak & Oscar Churchwell, have been accepted by the board and he had received a thank you letter from their head teacher at St John Paul College.

Stan Paull advised that we now have most of the necessary parts to repair the service club sign on the highway and repair is underway. An update letter and invoice is to be sent to the other clubs. The matter will also be raised at the upcoming Cluster Meeting. Bob Carle has been liaising with other service organisations in respect of adding their signage, and has received good feedback and thanks for our efforts.

Graham Lockett advised that the official launch of the 2018 Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge will be held at 10.30am next Tuesday 18 May 2018 at C.ex Coffs Harbour. Graham asks that at least 10 members attend to show the club’s support of the organising committee. A further reminder will be given at next week’s meeting.

For all that and more, check out this week’s edition of the Coffs City Chatroom.