Weekly Meeting 24 August 2020

Our special guest this week was District Governor Debbie Loveday, who spoke briefly spoke about her experience at the Rotary International conference in San Diego and this year’s presidential theme “Rotary Opens Opportunities” before talking about how Rotary assists throughout the world and on a local level, and how we can use this to promote membership.

Paul McKeon advised that last Saturday’s opening of the National Cartoon Gallery’s new exhibition “Toons for Wildlife” was well attended, being sold out as numbers were limited to 50. Special guest Shane Fitsimmons officially opened the exhibition and spoke brilliantly for 20 minutes about the bushfires, their impact on our wildlife and people and how communities are coping and re-building their lives. Paul also advised the new Gallery construction is going well with the roof almost complete and internal walls to go up over the next two weeks.

President Jay informed members of an international fundraising initiative called “Polished Man”, which aims to raise awareness of, and raise funds for, domestic violence against children. Jay suggested it would a good initiative for members to get involved with. It’s held each October and requires supporters to paint one fingernail to raise awareness of the campaign. You can read more about it at

For all that and more, be sure to check out this week’s edition of the Coffs City Chatroom.