Weekly Meeting 24 October 2016

Our guests today were Phillip Chadwick, visiting from the UK where he is a member of the Rotary Club of Skipton, and Paul Killey from Mid Coast Area Health Service.

Graham Lockett informed members on the current position with regard to the Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge. Judy Smith is unable to continue on in the role of Event Manager next year. The event committee are looking for new event managers, and hope to have the issue resolved by the end of November. More on this later.

Guest Speaker Paul Killey then told us about the ‘Delphin Moisture Meter’. This is the piece of equipment that we have agreed to purchase, on behalf of the Cancer Institute, from the proceeds of the Bonville International Golf Resort Charity Golf Day. Paul told us that the equipment measures the amount of fluid under the skin (which can accumulate if the lymph system does not do its job due to, mainly, cancer surgery). Paul specializes in dealing with patients with head and neck cancers. Build up of fluid in these areas is very difficult to detect without this equipment. It can also determine the difference between oedema and other types of swelling. By regular monitoring Paul can identify problems and appropriate treatment can be considered. Paul then demonstrated the use of the machine on several of those present:

  • John Walker: very dry. I guess that is the life of an accountant.
  • Graham Lockett: ‘a little dry’. He is from NZ.
  • John Donaldson: said to be normal

For all that and more, check out this week’s Coffs City Chatroom.