Weekly Meeting 27 April 2015

We had an opportunity this week that few people have: visiting Coffs Harbour’s new police station and getting a look behind the scenes – without having to get arrested first!

Police offer Michael McFarlane lead us on an almost-2 hour tour around the station, taking in the working spaces, the lunch room, the gym, the gun room and even the forensics laboratories. There are so many areas in the station that it boggles the mind. The new station has approximately 4 times the working space that the old station had, and the police force has put that space to very good use.

Despite there being a few ne’er-do-wells in the club, we all managed to earn release without incident. Even Macca managed to get away despite his “season tickets” joke at Manly’s expense.

Visits like this are one of the benefits of being a Rotarian, and I’m sure the experience will stay with our members for some time. Our thanks go out to officer McFarlane and the Coffs Clarence Local Area Command for giving us the tour.