Weekly Meeting 3 August 2015

We gave thanks this week to all of the members, volunteers and their partners who put in a huge effort over the weekend with the NAB Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge. In particular, we acknowledged the huge effort put in by Phil and Sandra Price and Judy and Steve Smith, without whose effort the event would not have taken place at all. Both the Hill Climb and the Challenge itself  were a great success.

Our guest speaker this week was Bill Robbins, a trade mark consultant. Bill filled us in on the niceties (and not-so-niceties) of trade mark law, including anecdotes about large corporations who failed to do their homework before commencing their businesses and subsequently had to pay the original owner of a mark to be able to use their planned name.

Don’t forget that this week is DonateLife week. It’ll only take you 2 minutes to save up to 10 lives.

For all that and more, don’t forget to check out the weekly Rotary Chatroom:

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