Weekly Meeting 4 June 2018

This week’s meeting was chaired by Jay Clowes. 

Secretary Geoff reminded members of our Changeover date 7th July and provided a list to indicate attendance and numbers. Geoff also outlined our efforts in the recent Red Shield appeal and Mike voiced amazement at the level of financial support this appeal gets from the community.

The Soup Kitchen dinner was a success and enjoyed by all who attended. The evening raised approximately $900, which will assist the purchase of a new oven.

Our tree planting pledge was fulfilled on Saturday with 3 members assisting friends of the South Coffs Community Garden.

Bob Carle has been in discussions with Meg Austin (from Coffs Show Society) about the possibility of starting a Rotoract club. It’s very early stages however it appears there could be sufficient local interest. Bob asked other members who’ve had experience with Rotoract to provide suggestions and ideas.

Peter Wardman provided an overview of the local Careers Day. Approximately 1,200 students from Grafton to Macksville attended and there was good support from a wide range of industries and businesses. Peter did voice some concern at the apparent apathy of a small number of students, however said the day was very successful and a good event for us to be involved with.

For all that and more, be sure to check out this week’s edition of the Coffs City Chatroom.