Weekly Meeting 5 February 2018

This week we were joined by our RYE student Bianca and by RYE student Aneta Bobovska. Aneta attends Bishop Druitt College with Bianca. President Bernard put Aneta on the spot for a short talk about herself; she told us she is from the Slovak Republic and has been sponsored by the Sawtell and Coffs Harbour Rotary Clubs. She has enjoyed her time in Australia and is looking forward to the RYE Safari which is due to commence in 4-5 weeks’ time. 

Paul McKeon & Brian Leiper thanked the club members who attended last Friday’s opening night of the Caricatures exhibition at the Bunker Cartoon Gallery. The exhibition is still open, and you can find out more on the Gallery’s facebook page.

President Bernard presented Paul McLeod with his membership badge. 

President Bernard also advised members that our next meeting will be his last meeting in the President’s chair as he is not able to attend the meeting on the 26th of February. The Acting Presidents Roster is attached to this week’s Chatroom. 

Bianca was our guest speaker this week; talking about herself, her family, her Rotary connections, her country and what she has been doing in Australia since she arrived. She loves Australia so much that she doesn’t want to go home (her parents might not be happy with this idea). Bianca also shared some Brazilian cooking, bringing a chocolate carrot cake she had made.

For all that and more, be sure to check out the latest issue of the Chatroom.