Weekly Meeting 7 September 2015

We didn’t have any guest speaker this week. Instead, we invested a little time into the appearance of the club and getting to know our existing members.

After a false start the week before last, Bob Carle presented the members with a number of polo shit samples from which to choose the club’s new official shirt. A winner was chosen almost unanimously, and orders are almost ready to be placed. We’ll be sure to share a group photo once the shirts are in!

Next President Scott called on Jay Clowes and Peter Lindsay to tell us a little about themselves.

Jay was first and told us about his recent adventures in the Global Corporate Challenge around the world. Each participant in the Challenge is fitted with a pedometer and the distance they walk over 100 days is converted to kilometers and tracked around the world. Jay teamed up with his fellow FWO solicitor Fiona Thwaites and, while they did not win, they made a good account of themselves and enjoyed the experience.

As to his life story, Jay lived in Sydney until he and his family moved to Coffs in December 2005. He pointed out that as is the case with a few of us he is not yet considered a local. He sought employment with several law firms in Coffs and eventually ended up with Fishburn Watson O’Brien where he is now a partner. He agrees, as do all of us, that Coffs is a great place to live and bring up a family. The major benefit is the ease of getting around the area and the facilities available to everyone.

Peter Lindsay followed up and told us that he was born in Swan Hill. He studied in Melbourne before moving to Perth where he met Kath, his wife. Kath was originally from Cairns. He again studied to be a Physical Education Teacher, a role he never worked in. In his own words he ‘fell on his feet’ at this time and had several positions in the welfare field in Perth and northern WA as well as Darwin. Over this period he and Kath had two daughters. Peter also told us of some of his experiences as a leader in youth and adult rehabilitation programs .He has recently completed a Masters degree in Psychology and is busy, with Kath, in establishing a practice in Coffs Harbour.

One of the great benefits of being a Rotarian is getting to know new people, so it was fantastic to hear a little more about Jay and Peter.

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