Weekly Meeting 9 April 2018

This week we were away from home; we had a vocational meeting at Bunnings Coffs Harbour (south). Our acting president was John Donaldson and our guest speaker was Colin from Bunnings.

Bob Carle advised he is working on our next fellowship night at Bayside Restaurant at Pacific Bay. The likely date is Friday 20th April and he will confirm next week. Bob suggested it would be a good opportunity for Rotary exchange student Bianca to come along to give a presentation to members and their partners and tell us of her experiences with the recent Rotary safari.

Bob also reminded members that our NYSF applicants, Angus Croak & Oscar Churchwell, will be guests at next week’s meeting. He asked all members to make an effort to attend.

Peter Lindsay advised that the board had approved a $500 donation for Alan Tankel to send medical equipment to the Tonga.

Stan Paull advised the service club sign on the highway is in a reasonably solid condition but needs a good overhaul and update. Stan and his compatriots will raise the matter at the upcoming Cluster Meeting and see whether other clubs are willing to share the costs.

Guest speaker Colin (ably assisted by Community Relations Manager Tahini) who provided us with some amazing facts about the Coffs Harbour store:

  • Bunnings Coffs harbour is the second largest store in regional Australia.
  • Annual turnover is ~$60m, which doesn’t include the trade store in Wingara Drive.
  • The Coffs store employs 200 staff and receives between 150 & 200 pallet deliveries per day,
  • Stock is turned over 4 times per month.
  • Stock comes from a central warehouse in Brisbane. Other NSW stores receive it from a new warehouse at Eastern Creek. 
  • Bunnings has its own Enterprise Bargaining Agreement and staff are welcome to join a union.
  • Bunnings pride themselves on having no age, gender or racial bias for staff, and it isn’t necessary for new staff to have industry or trade experience.

Having lunch in a new environment and finding out more about Bunnings was a fascinating event. For all that and more be sure to check out this week’s edition of the Coffs City Chatroom.